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Top questions to ask your interior designer on the first appointment

Not every appointment and renovation project will always go smoothly. When problems arises, its these questions that will save you from a renovation horror story. Here at dreamakers interior, we pride ourselves in extremely transparent pricing, and our designers go the extra mile to tell you things to look out so that you will have a pleasant renovation journey with us.

As an interior designer ourselves, we bring you the top few questions to ask your interior designer:

Designers Background

It is through conversation that you will get to know your designer better, be it his expertise, rates and communication modes. This will allow you to understand if you are a good enough fit with your designer.

Detailed Costs

This is the biggest cause of renovation nightmare and horror stories. When many new homeowners sit down on their first appointment with an Interior Designer, they do not know the right questions to ask, and are shocked are the "add-ons" and "un-included" costs.

Here at Dreamakers Interior, we pride ourselves to provide a transparent and seamless experience so that customers can be rest assured that there will be no extra charges unless otherwise stated.

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Payment Terms

When signing a contract, you have the option of taking a bank loan or in-house loan to finance your renovation project. It is known that there are different rates and T&Cs for both, so do ask your Interior Designer for those.

Also, wherever possible, do ask for progressive payment plans so that you will only pay a certain percentage after certain milestones of renovation works are completed.

Project Changes

Last but not least, there are bound to be some minor hiccups from both sides. Do reach out to your Interior Designer on what works best and what doesn't. As Interior Designers have been in this field much longer than the average Singaporean, they will be able to provide more insight on what should be the best practice to handle these project changes.

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At Dreamakers Interior we believe that every space has the potential to become unique, harmonial and beautiful. We are proud of what we do and are prepared to work overtime to guarantee that you are satisfied with the way your space looks. From full-scale projects to small renovations, we invite you to take a look at our gallery and see what we have done. Below are some of our favorite projects. If you need professional help for design conceptualization or space planning, let us know

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