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Fully Utilize every inch - Interior Design Tips for Small Kitchens

We could all use more space in our kitchens. No matter how hard we try, it’s never enough for all of the tools, gadgets, food storage containers, and small appliances we want. Although having more space may not be practical, we can "make" more space through some simple tips that improve the way we store things in the heart of our home. But with how small homes (and kitchens) in Singapore are, how do you make sure there’s room for every single thing you need?

1. Opt for Drawers Over Cupboards

Often times when you are looking for something in the kitchen, you may find yourself needing to move the things at the front, or rummaging blindly in the depths to reach for something? All of these instances point to wasted storage potential, perhaps it’s time to consider using drawers. With an opening at the top, you not only have the ability to see what you have in one glance – you also can easily reach in to pick out what you need. Plus, they’re also much easier to organise with the help of racks and dividers, thus also helping you keep things neat.

2. Pull out table for extra countertop space and seating

Regardless if you are cooking a meal that requires more food prep, or needing to whip up more food for guests, having a pull-out table can be extremely useful in a pinch.

Aside from giving you additional kitchen countertop space, it also functions well enough as an extra surface for you to serve refreshments.

3. Create extra surfaces for spices and condiments

Aside from vertical space, you can also experiment with different depths to create extra storage space. By carving out a space within the backsplash, the homeowners have essentially created an extra surface to place items like spices and condiments.

Even better if they are all within reach of anyone whipping up a meal, and are clearly visible in one glance. No more wasting time digging in disorganised drawers just to find the condiment you want!

4. Ceiling-mount shelves that take advantage of vertical space

Taking advantage of vertical space is a smart way to fully maximise a space – and one way you can do that is to install ceiling-mount shelves over your kitchen island. Not only does this add a stylish, contemporary touch to your home, it also makes the things way more accessible. Plus, its usage is also fairly flexible – you can use it as a display area for alcohol, a suspended dish rack over your sink, and more.

5. Utilize every nook and cranny

It’s difficult to properly utilise a corner storage unit, as the combination of the sharp 90-degree angle and depth makes it harder to both store and access your things.

That’s where corner pull-out trays come in handy. These nifty features often include trays that are built on sliding trays, thus allowing homeowners to make full use of the depth while also allowing them to take what they need without squatting or needing to take multiple items out first.


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