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Floor Cabinets - Should You Use Them & Why?

If you are living in a one, two or three-room flats, these small residential spaces often necessitate the introduction of smart storage solutions. If you feel that your HDB flat lacks sufficient cabinet space, you may want to consider using floor cabinets. As the name suggests, these are concealed storage units that are accessible through the floor. Such cabinets have to be custom-made but they save a lot of space and they provide a storage solution in a flat that may be lacking a sufficient number of cupboards, cabinets or closets.

If you’re interested in such a solution for your property, you should definitely get in touch with an experienced Singapore interior designer.

The Benefits of Concealed Floor Cabinets

Concealed floor cabinets free up a lot of space and makes a tiny HDB flat look a lot more spacious and clutter-free. You will have much more room and each part of the apartment will feel a lot more spacious. In addition, you will utilize available space that wouldn’t have been put to a good use otherwise.

Floor cabinets are an ideal choice for overcoming clutter. Some people may opt for the storage of items that aren’t frequently used to be stored here. Depending on just how accessible the cabinet is, however, it could be turned into a storage solution for just about anything. Combining the fact that its hidden makes it a wonderful choice for the storage of valuables, documents, money and collectibles. If the cabinet is well-made and unobtrusive, you’re not going to need a safe in your HDB flat.

Getting Started with Floor Cabinet Design

There are several key things to consider when planning the construction of floor storage units in your HDB flat. To start, how will you access the cabinet? Will it be a fold-out space, will there be a sliding cabinet door that’s pushed aside to reach the storage unit?

How much space do you have for storage in the floor of your HDB flat? How deep is the storage unit going to be? Answering this question will also give you an idea about how the door can be designed for maximum convenience. A regular door, for example, isn’t a suitable choice for a larger storage unit in the floor because it will be too heavy. A sliding panel will do a much better job.

Once you’re done with the key practical considerations, you can move on to more exciting aspects of the project like its appearance.

HDB Regulations and Floor Cabinets

The Housing and Development Board has some limitations in terms of HDB flat renovations and maintenance.

While a small modification of the floor isn’t going to necessitate an HDB permit and you’re free to carry the project out. If your cabinet is to extend beyond a certain depth, you’ll have to draft a project and submit it for HDB approval before you can move forward with the modification. There isn’t a specific guideline for floor storage units but if you want to feature a pond or a fish tank in your HDB flat, you cannot go beyond a depth of 0.5 metres. A similar rule will apply to any other floor modification, regardless of the purpose.


Working with HDB licensed interior designers and contractors can help achieve the best results. These professionals know the rules and they can guide you through the process of obtaining permits and creating a project that doesn’t violate HDB regulations. Chat with our interior designers today to find out how to accomplish your desired project.


At Dreamakers Interior we believe that every space has the potential to become unique, harmonial and beautiful. We are proud of what we do and are prepared to work overtime to guarantee that you are satisfied with the way your space looks. From full-scale projects to small renovations, we invite you to take a look at our gallery and see what we have done. Below are some of our favorite projects. If you need professional help for design conceptualization or space planning, let us know.

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