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Things to consider when choosing Built-In Carpentry VS Loose Furniture

Built-In Carpentry versus Loose Furniture, which is better? One of the very common questions many homeowners stumble upon when discussing with their interior designer. While very often the answer depends on your preferences and lifestyle needs, there are certain scenarios where one option would be better than the other. Our interior designers have drilled into the details on the different considerations you may want to pay attention to for a bigger picture on this dilemma.

1. Cost and Budget

One thing is clear here, Built-In Carpentry is most often the pricer option here, with exceptions to antique or designer furniture pieces that will cost you a fortune. However, its to be expected as there are many reasons for its price tag. You'd be able to design every single detail to your liking and taste, as opposed to a random furniture off-the-shelf at your local IKEA.

While many homeowners decide solely based on price, it may be prudent to see this as an investment to ensure the best possible home experience in the long term.

2. Design and Customizability

The price tag is just the tip of the iceberg when comparing between the two options. A big advantage of built-ins is the sheer number of things you can do with it.

For instance, if you are looking to go for a minimalist look with little to no clutter, built-ins are your best bet. Dead corners in rooms are a thing of the past, as its easily solved with a storage feature or pull-out drawer, something that is not achievable with loose furniture. Loose furniture on the other hand, offers a flexibility to experiment with different looks, by mixing and matching different pieces to your heart’s desire.

3. Space considerations

Homes in Singapore are mostly built in squares and rectangles, which allows for a clean design for the most part. For those with a different layout, built-ins are the way to go. Be it a diagonal wall, circular nook, or slanted ceiling you’re dealing with, a built-in can be designed to perfectly fit into such areas and ensure a seamless look, something that's not possible with loose furniture pieces.

4. Lifestyle

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using loose furniture is the flexibility to change your home’s layout whenever you like. Whenever you are bored of a layout and yearn for a change, just shift your things around until you find a layout you like. It is also much easier to move around, or even sell loose furniture should you ever need to.

All-in-all, the decision here is based on your plans for the future. If you see yourself using the furniture for the long term, then built-ins are likely to be a better option. For those who don't, you may want to consider using loose furniture for the flexibility of moving or selling them.


Ultimately, the decision of built-in carpentry vs loose furniture is based on the what the homeowner values more. More often than not, it is a not a bad idea to opt for built-in carpentry over loose furniture with the many benefits that precedes it. While the cost may be off-putting, the many benefits such as the precision of details, style and warranty makes up for it.


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