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Prevent Pests in your Home with 5 Simple Tips

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The rat, cockroach and mosquito are three of the most common pests in Singapore. And despite the tropical weather of Sunny Singapore, these pests may still choose to invade your homes for mainly 3 reasons: Food, water and shelter. Today, our designers will share what preventive measures that can be done to prevent unwanted guests in your home.

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1. Maintaining a Clean Home

As the saying goes: "Prevention is better than Cure". To avoid the any pests from breeding in your home, do make it a habit to the floors and other high-traffic areas daily. That means wiping up spills and crumbs immediately, leaving no unwashed dishes overnight and throwing away the trash daily. Make sure to store leftovers and other foods in the refrigerator or airtight containers.

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2. Clutter-free Living

Bugs and insects thrive and nest in dark clusters. Therefore, the more cluttered your home, the more attractive it is to them because there are lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. By keeping your home clutter-free, you are making it much easier to seek and destroy any colony.

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3. Invest in a Window Mosquito Net

During certain months (July to October) of the year, there are sharp rises in mosquito and dengue related cases. Do avoid this, consider installing window mosquito nets throughout all windows of your home for a buzz-free experience. Ensure all pots and plants are left dry, and bathroom do not have bodies of water left around.

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4. Sealing up all cracks and holes

Pests such as cockroaches and ants love crawling through the smallest of holes, cracks, openings or gaps in cupboards, walls and windows, so make sure they are sealed up. And don’t forget the electrical conduits and pipes pass, where lots of them like to build nests. Do make it a habit to check on these areas once every few months for nests.

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5. Using non-toxic Insecticides

Consider using DIY insecticides over commercial insecticides. All you need is boric acid and powdered sugar – the sugar to lure the pests in while the boric acid is used to exterminate them. Simply sprinkle the mixture in high-traffic areas where the bugs are likely to enter or hide in, such as window sills, drawers, top kitchen cabinets and spaces between the ceiling and shelves. The main reason why boric acid is recommended is because it is not harmful to human or pets, but deadly to pests. After boric acid is consumed the pest will return to their nest, other roaches or ants that come in contact with them will also be infected.


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