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Open Kitchens are the new standard for Kitchens in Singapore

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has previously announced that new HDB flats moving forward will be utilizing new floor plans, which includes an open kitchen floor plan, without the option of a dividing wall between the cooking area and the rest of the living space. Not sure how to make use of this change? Find out how this change can positively affect the interior design flexibility of HDB flats.

Addressing Changing Needs

Needs of homeowners have changed over the past decade. Homeowners who are part of the Build-to-Order (BTO), have the chance to participate in the Optional Component Scheme. They can select specific options or additional features to include in their flat, like upgraded flooring, different bathroom fittings, or other components. In the past, the Optional Component Scheme included a choice of partition walls, costing between $370 to $710 depending on the type of flat. However, in recent years, the open-concept kitchen and living space have become so popular that HDB plans to scrap the divider option altogether.

This translates to reduced/no cost should new homeowners choose to remove the wall.

The Benefits of an Open Concept

For most buyers, the open floorplan is the ideal choice. The lack of a dividing wall between kitchen and living space keeps the HDB interior design more flexible, allowing owners to place furniture more freely or adapt spaces for other uses as the family grows. Conversation and connections happen more easily when there are no walls in the way, and those cooking the meal can be more involved in the family life, even as they’re preparing food.

More Creativity to define your style

With the new layout, it is entirely up to homeowners should they want a more defined or enclosed kitchen space. Creative placement of the shelves and cupboards can add the desired definition; or flat owners can hire a Singapore interior design company to install a partition or glass panels. Glass panels offer separation without hampering the flow of light from one room to the next. They offer distinction between rooms without cramping the space.

HDB’s Commitment to Resident Satisfaction

Over the past few years, HDB has changed many of its interior designs and options to allow greater flexibility and satisfaction for residents. In 2017, HDB promised to use “urban design solutions that are found to be technically feasible, cost-effective and well accepted by residents.” For example, HDB now ensures that structural walls are kept as close to the edges of a flat as possible, in case the owners would like to remodel and alter the flat layout.


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