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Improve your Morning Routines with these Home Organization Tips

On the island that is Sunny Singapore, or perhaps any asian country for that matter, waking up early has proven to be more difficult than later. Every morning, we fight the urge to snooze our alarm clocks to get that extra bit of shuteye. Hence, streamlining your morning routines are more important that ever, to ensure you need less time to get ready for work. Read on to find out how!

1. The Bedroom

Everyone has a different morning routine, so its best to tailor your needs accordingly. The key is to plan them the night before. Taking morning supplements? Ensure the pills and a glass of water somewhere near you, such as a nightstand or desk. For your outfit-of-the-day, it definitely pays to save time by planning your clothes the night before, or simply having the habit of organizing your clothes in matching sets. Naturally, load your bag or briefcase early to prevent leaving anything behind the next day.

2. The Bathroom

While it is a good habit to keep your bathroom clean and uncluttered, it would make sense for products that are used frequently to be easily accessible at the vanity. Sort your facial and oral care products into categories that can be stored away to keep the area clean and tidy, while those that you use on a daily basis can be kept in an organized fashion within arm's reach at your vanity area. If space is a concern, consider wall-mounted shelving units to save you the hassle of drilling the wall. They make reaching for the products, especially when you’re in a hurry, much more intuitive.

3. The Foyer

Also known as the entryway, the Foyer is the place you pass before heading out for work. Whether its work or personal essentials, you will need to bring them along with you to your destination. Cultivate a good habit to place them at a visually obvious location , so you'll never have forgetful incidents.

Its a good idea to invest in a shoe rack that can provide a designated spot for systematic storage of your footwear, and even keeping matching socks in respective compartments. You can also install a full-length mirror at the foyer to do last-minute checks on your appearance.


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