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How to use Black Elements as Stunning Highlights in your Home

When do you notice when walking into a five-star hotel, shiny posh black marble floors, accompanied with appropriate lighting and furnishings. Black is a classy colour that can make a powerful statement. When done right, it shows sophistication and luxury, even in your own home. Our designers break it down on what's important to achieve such a setting.

1. Make use of Black Furniture

One of the simplest ways to quickily add touch of class to your rooms is by adding sleek dark furniture. Black furniture looks really expensive and chic, regardless of the price tag attached to it. There is something lovely and timeless about black wood. It’s suitable for bedroom pieces, living room furniture and even kitchen or bathroom items.

By picking all of your furniture in a certain room to be black, you create consistency. The minimalist approach to tone selection works really well to add elegance. A splash of colour can be brought in through the selection of the right accessories.

2. Use a Black Accent Wall

To achieve a modern appeal, many homeowners oft to add a black accent wall to a room of choice. The trick is to ensure the rest of the room features are in softer tones, resulting in a timeless appeal to the space. It’s also very trendy and it can be used to break up interior design and create an effortless focal point.

A good guideline is to ensure the black accent wall is relatively small compared to the rest of the room. Painting the longest section of the room all black can easily dominate the space in an unattractive way. There’s also some risk of making the space seem dark and gloomy.

3. Use Accent Lights

When you using black elements the star of your home décor show, good light becomes even more important. The more black in the room, the more light you will need to balance out the darkening effect. When choosing the right kinds of accent lights, its best to select warm lighting. Warm lights work really well with black elements, creating a regal, warm and inviting home. Cool tones aren’t optimal because they usually produce a more sterile environment.

Black is a tone that makes an impact, even when used sparingly. Need help on creating your own black suite? Our designers are trained to optimize your home to provide the best possible aesthetic and visual harmony. Your home deserves classiness and elegance. Contact us today below.


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