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How to Furnish the Right Shelf for your Home

Even the largest of houses will need some form of organization. Whether if its to keep your wares, or storing supplies in your pantry, making use of shelves is a practical way of storing anything under the sun, while adding that little bit of personal look and functionality. However, many homeowners are clueless when it comes to deciding what kind of shelves would do the trick in terms of functionality and design. Fret not, as our designers have brought forward the best tip on how you can integrate different kinds of shelves into your home.

Wall-Mounted Shelves


If you have a modern and minimalist office that exudes the need for a straightforward shelving solution, a wall-mounted shelf may be for you. Some shelf options keep the supports hidden behind the shelves, giving the impression as if they’re cantilevered from the wall.

Such shelf option is great for showing off books, décor, as well as file organizers. Just keep in mind to keep items that you don’t use often on higher tiers, while the ones you frequently use on the lower ones.

Alcove Shelves

An alcove is a recess often formed by a wall being built further back than the rest of the wall. When used to its full potential, it can serve as an attractive focal point of a space.

If your home has such an interesting architectural feature, you can use the space for additional space to display your prized possessions and décor from achievement awards, lamps to pictures and more. Meanwhile, for alcoves that run from floor to ceiling, you can create a cozy nook for some reading during breaks.

Built-In Shelves

Installing a built-in shelf provides more than just a place to store your stuff. In this picture, the built-in shelf has provided a wooden theme for this relaxing abode, which goes very well with Muji and modern interior designs. Made to maximize the wall space, built-in shelves offer adequate storage and display space without the need to give up floor space when it’s already limited. An added benefit, it can also add style and architecture to the interior.

Overhead Shelves

A storage directly above other appliances makes sense for storage while keeping them within reach. The shelf in this picture makes sense in creating options for storage around the main focal point in the room, the television, while creating a sense of casual elegance and style.

Making the choice

Your options for shelving solutions are limitless, but your choice should boil down to the one that will best suit your needs and taste. Choose what will work well with your home, and you’ll never go wrong with your decision. Nevertheless, you can always consult an interior designer in Singapore such as Dreamakers Interiors when it comes to designing your home.


At Dreamakers Interior we believe that every space has the potential to become unique, harmonial and beautiful. We are proud of what we do and are prepared to work overtime to guarantee that you are satisfied with the way your space looks. From full-scale projects to small renovations, we invite you to take a look at our gallery and see what we have done. Below are some of our favorite projects. If you need professional help for design conceptualization or space planning, let us know

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