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How Smart is your Home? A Guide to Smart Homes 2021

10 years ago, and having a digitalized home where not just computers and smartphones, but literally everything: from lights, cameras, cleaning vacuums, clocks, speakers, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, etc, can communicate, respond and activate with a simple push of a button would be a pipedream. But not anymore. Introducing the next generation of home living: Smart Homes. Still unclear on how to set up your home for automation? Our designers have compiled this #cheatsheet for your viewing pleasure.

*Disclaimer*: This post is not sponsored in anyway, and are only recommendations by our designers.

To begin, every smart home needs a virtual assistant AI technology to allow your smart devices to communicate together. Our top picks here are either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Did you know, you are able to connect smart power outlets via apps? Examples would be the Connectsense smart power outlet or the Kasa smart WiFi powerstrip. By simply connecting your normal everyday devices to these plugs, you can switch them on at a touch of a button (i.e. portable electric fans, televisions, etc). Something that we dont expect to be integrated as a Iot (Internet of things) for a smart home would be the router. But now, its easier than ever to restart or modify your router directly via a smart app.

For your home security needs: basically everything including your doorlocks, cameras and pet feeders, can be automated with an app or unlocked with a voice command. Something that stands out for Singaporean homes is the digital doorbell which doubles as a video intercom, allowing you to see your guest outside your home from your smart app.

Lazy to pick up that remote on the wall to change the temperature, or walk to your bathtub to prepare the water? Now you can -in fact-, be lazy. Just wipe out your smartphone and everything will be prepared to your favorite setting at a touch of a button. This is the same for your smart TVs, smart ovens, and coffee maker.

Last but not least, imagine having to return home to a freshly cleaned room after work everyday without hiring a helper. Now that's the future of living. Not only does a smart robot vacuum and cleaner does it, it does it at your specified timeslot (when you are out of the house). In addition, there are motion sensors in the market that allow you to control lighting if no one is in the room, or specifically, when there is. This also applied to the smart thermostat, which constantly adjusts the room temperature in the room via the air-conditioner on your specified settings.


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