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Facts on Singapore's Smart-Enabled Housing Estates

Residences in Singapore are now equipped with the innovations of a smart home.From the coffee maker to the air conditioning unit, the owner will have the power to control nearly all aspects of living through a mobile app. Not living in one yet? Our designers break it down what homeowners can expect from futuristic home.


Smart fans on ceilings in the community spaces will be activated whenever the temperature in the building rises above a certain threshold. Human traffic will be determining for the speed of the fans turning to reduce excessive use of electricity. Smart lights will also be available in common areas. Once again, illumination will be provided on the basis of human traffic to eliminate waste altogether whenever a certain part of the property is empty.

There are several other cool features like smart pneumatic waste conveyance system (the level of waste will be monitored through the use of sensors to ensure adequate recycling and disposal), a smart automobile parking (sensors will once again be used to get a better idea about the parking demands of residents) and smart irrigation for the green areas in front of the building.

Going Green with Innovative Technologies

HDB first announced in 2018 that most new residential projects will come with either smart or green living features to encourage sustainability and to reduce utility expenditure. The first smart-enabled public housing option in Singapore is in line with HDB properties to ensure greener and more sustainable living. The aim of these residential designs was to enhance existing national resources and to ensure rational usage.

Solar-ready roofs were first featured and tested out on Punggol Edge BTO projects in 2012. The construction of these solar-ready roofs was finalised in 2016. The implementation was completely successful, which prompted the HDB to increase the scope of the project and to seek for additional green, innovative and smart living installations in public housing projects.


Through the hardware that’s positioned in some projects and that will also be available in the first smart homes to be launched in the future, the HDB will learn a lot more about smart technologies that fit the community needs. Based on such information, additional smart solutions can be sought for community areas and the infrastructure that’s currently in place can be fine-tuned for future HDB developments.


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