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6 Things to Prepare when Planning to Move in with Your Significant Other

Moving in with your significant other is a big commitment. But, like any other life milestone, there can be challenges that arise. It is important to understand what you're getting into and learn more about your partner's living habits. There are some things you need to know before you take the next step.

1. Set clear expectations Before beginning any major design projects, it's important to communicate and set expectations. Talk toyour partner, you should figure out what each of you would like in the house's overall design, especially when you're dealing with something as important as your new home. Now, most people have the same general idea of what they want in their new digs, but unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can get it.

2. Focus on commonalities Life isn't always perfect. If both of you can't agree, you can use your favourite elements to create a scheme that works. It's always nice to find a single area that's both of yours. You can even mix in some of your partner's style, just to give it that little extra personal touch. Try to include certain items you both love. Pick two or three elements that you want to highlight from your styles to make an element your own. Include pieces from your partners' decorative style like kitchen appliances, a photograph, or art pieces. Pick one prominent item for each category that you both can like and maybe even complement each other. Be generous with your favourites. Finally, pick a few pieces that you both really like, and place them on display.

3. Learn to compromise After learning what you're getting yourself into and seeing what's important to your partner, it's time to start negotiating and working out what you can compromise on the layout and style of your home. If your initial ideas clash, it's time to sit down and talk. Talk about the things that you love about each other's rooms, how you both feel about the color scheme, and so on. You may have the same tastes but not on the same timeline, so it's a good idea to share those elements and find out what works best for both of you. Not enough closet space? It's fine, add shelves. You may have a vision for what you want to do in your room, but that doesn't mean you want to break the bank and redo the whole house at once.

4. Set a budget For many couples, the initial thought of cohabitation is amazing, but scary. Before you put down a large sum of money on your new abode, it's essential that you decide how much you can spend on a place and make sure that you're not breaking any personal or financial ties if you can't afford the mortgage payment or monthly utilities. In turn, this means that you're going to have to be highly mindful of how much you choose to spend on renovation and avoid blowing your savings or running out of money.

5. Visualize and design your shared space To get into the right mindset for your new home, it's essential to take stock of what kind of space you and your partner are ultimately going to share. Once you determine the potential situation, you're going to want to create an interior design plan to make your home as cosy and warm as possible. For many couples, it's wise to consider the boundaries between their personal and home life. For example, is their living room always the messiest room in the house? Or, do you clean up after yourself once the dust settles? Take it one step further by deciding what's acceptable in each space. For example, one partner might want a very casual space suitable for Netflix and chill, while the other partner may want a more formal room furnished with designer furniture.

6. Style the room together Although your bedroom won't necessarily become your best friend when you're living with someone, it's a great place to showcase your individuality, plus it's also a good place to help start conversations. Whether you prefer more of a clean-cut, masculine look, a quirky but modern décor with a touch of metallics or something in between, it's a good idea to choose a decor style that represents both of you and creates a comfortable and unified environment. Keep it low key. The bedroom is typically the most intimate part of the house. So why not make it as tranquil as possible. If there's something you and your partner can agree upon as possible, you'll be able to adjust your temperature, lights and window coverings to your liking with no arguments. The bigger picture is to make it a home you'll both be happy living in.

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