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5 Ways to Increase Privacy in your Home

Its not new that Singapore homes are small, which creates problems such as prying eyes of your neighbours. Whether intentional or not, some parts of your home are still visible to your neighbours, which isn’t exactly an ideal situation. That said, here are 5 ways to increase your privacy easily!

1. Strategically design your furniture layout

A simple, cost effective solution for increased privacy would be to experiment with your furniture layout. Some things you can consider include positioning the furniture such that it faces away from windows, or shifting your bed under the window if your bedroom happens to be next to the corridor.

2. Install tinted window films

The most straightforward thing you can do, of course, is to purchase window films that make your interior less visible from the outside. These include frosted, blurred, or translucent window films, as well as one-way mirror films.

However, do note that each comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, frosted films will obscure views from both the outside-in and inside-out, while homes with one-way mirror films only work when the sun is up. So before deciding on the window film to go with, do consider your own needs first.

3. Opt for dimmable lights

Nighttime is probably when your house is the most ‘vulnerable’ to prying eyes. For one, a well-lit home will stand out in the dark. Since turning off the lights completely isn’t an option, consider getting those that are dimmable. That way, you can manually adjust it to the brightness level of your choice, while making it dim enough to obscure your home from nosy neighbours.

4. Use partitions to section off exposed areas

Apart from adding visual interest to your interior, partitions prevent neighbours from looking into your home when the door or window is open. Additionally, they don’t take up too much space, so even small homes can have them installed.

5. Pick blinds and curtains that offer moderate privacy

Having blinds or curtains can kill two birds with one stone. Other than providing privacy, they’re also fundamental in blocking harsh sun rays and heat from entering your home. Be sure to decide the degree of privacy you want, and the amount of natural light coming in.

For curtains, consider adding day curtains underneath the normal curtain layer, as they allow natural light into the house while still offering some semblance of privacy. For blinds, types like roller blinds and Venetian blinds are your best bet for privacy.


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