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5 Tips to keep your Home Cool without Aircon

As Singaporeans, we are no stranger to the hot and sunny climate that is often present throughout the year. While you can very much turn on your air-conditioner to solve the problem, it creates another problem in terms of high utility bills. However, some minor tweaks to your home design can actually very much solve this.

1. Install ceiling fans instead of standing fan

If given the choice, we highly recommend investing in ceiling fans. It’s a better choice over a standing fan as it does better in terms of promoting air circulation, making it feel less stuffy in your home. Ceiling fans are able to create a down-draft that pulls hot air up and pushes cool air down, keeping you cool and comfy even on the warmest days.

2. Increase ventilation by leaving your windows open

This one seems like a no-brainer, but keeping our homes well-ventilated helps in heat dispersal and reduces stuffiness within your home. The solution? Keep your windows open. Doing so encourages cross-ventilation that creates a current of air through your home.

3. Install window films onto your window panes

Probably less popular than the other solutions listed so far, window...

Aside from curtains, window films are also a great way to block out the sun. Other than keeping your house cool, window films also have the added benefit of protecting your furniture from sun damage. Plus, frosted or reflective window films can also give you some semblance of privacy, which are great for HDB or condo units that face other units.

4. Opt for lighter colors when painting your home

While many homeowners may appreciate the beauty of dark-themed homes, this may actually act against you if heat is a main concern. This is because dark colours absorb heat, while light colours reflect heat. While white may be the best color, Muji or minimalistic or Scandinavian designs generally choose light colors for their color palette.

5. Decrease humidity with a dehumidifier

As a country located near the Earth's equator, we are given the tropical climate, and naturally, have high humidity levels. The result? We easily feel warm and sticky on a hot day. That’s why it’s wise to get a dehumidifier for your home, since its moisture-removal functions lowers your home’s humidity levels, which boosts the rate of your sweat evaporation and ultimately helps you feel much, much cooler.


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