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5 Smart uses of your bomb shelter

Its not uncommon that homes tend to have additional rooms and spaces for a multitude of purposes. The same goes for bomb shelters and if left on its own, it would be a waste of space. And since you can’t have it omitted from the property, you might as well do something with it. Fortunately, there are more than enough ways you can redesign and repurpose your bomb shelter into something more unique and practical. So take notes and be inspired with these amazing HDB Bomb Shelter design ideas.

Source: Mothership

1. Walk-in Closet

Do you or your partner have a large collection of clothing, apparel or shoes? Instead of limiting your wardrobe, a good and practical solution to this is by converting your bomb shelter into a walk in closet. The size is just perfect for storing clothes that are worn on special occasions as well as shoes. You can place a hanging rack and cubicles for your clothes and shoes as well as some drawers for other articles like coats and boots. Add a full-body mirror and you'll have an amazing practical walk-in closet.

2. Hobby Room

It's these individualistic ideas that makes your home completely yours. If you enjoy certain hobbies, why not delicate a whole room just for it?

Be it a gamer, collector, or even an artist, its definitely smart to make use of spare rooms like these for your quiet sanctuary. A gaming room can be complete with a TV console or table to mount your computer or gaming console, some comfy chairs or sofa, and a shelf to display all your games. If you’re a collector, you can even make a "mini" museum dedicated to the things you collect like figurines, action figures, pop culture collectables, etc. You can even install some track spot lights so that you can highlight your most prized piece. If you are an artist, a simple workbench and a cabinet is all you need to store all your art equipment while you work your magic.

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3. Pantry

Every kitchen can only hold so much food, and sometimes you may need more than just the refrigerator and the cabinets. A good solution would be turning your HDB bomb shelter into your very own walk in pantry. This is most practical especially if your bomb shelter happens to be near the kitchen. Like how restaurants store their food ingredients in large walk in refrigerators, you can do the same but on a much smaller scale. Install some shelving on 3 sides of the wall, leaving the side with the door completely bare. For storage, you can go for wooden shelves or industrial style racks if you're looking for something modern. Be sure to be organized by keeping an index near the door so that you can keep track of what food is stored and when it was purchase and its expiration date.

Source: DirectHomeGym

4. Home Gym

If working out with other people isn't your cup of tea, you can always have your own gym indoors. And you don’t necessarily need to get all that bulky equipment. With a few dumbbells, a stationary bike and a yoga mat, you'll almost never need to visit the gym again! Go the extra mile by hanging inspirational quotes on the wall and lining the floor with rubberize mat so that you won’t slip and fall when you work out. Having a space to work out in promotes a healthy lifestyle both physically and in some cases, mentally.

5. Personal Space

Also known as your private sanctuary, this room is meant for you to be your happy room. If you have been working from home for extensive amounts of time due to the covid pandemic, its important to keep your mental health in check by segregating your personal and work areas. Every now and then, do sit up and walk away from your work station. You can do meditation in your private sanctuary, or enjoy a cup of coffee in between breaks. Or perhaps pick up a book accompanied by relaxing music


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