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5 Simple ways to Turn your Home into a Peaceful Sanctuary

Anxiety levels and panic attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate during the pandemic. No doubt people are anxious about community transmission, vaccination side-effects, new sneaky strains, climate change, the future in general. You’re not alone. Take a deep breath and follow these simple steps to making your home a haven from the troubles outside.

1. Opt for Softer Lighting

Nothing sets the mood of a room more than lighting. Basically, bright direct light has a stimulating effect while dim indirect light has a calming effect. On top of that, cool white light can induce feelings of stress, while warm golden light creates a cosy and comforting atmosphere.

So, simply change your cool lightbulbs to warm ones – make them energy-saving LED ones for the sake of planet and pocket. While you’re at it, look at your light fittings. The retro industrial chic trend of naked lightbulbs can be jarring. Consider semi-opaque spherical shades or ones with negative and positive panels to diffuse the light.

2. Keep mess in the house to a minimum

Mess in your home can mess with your head. While curated cluttercore has its charm, chaotic clutter does not. Especially in open concept layouts where the kitchen is visible from the living room, and the dining room doubles as a WFH station, dirty dishes, piles of paperwork and half-eaten packets of snacks are unsightly from all directions.

At the end of each workday, and the end of every evening, make a point of loading the dishwasher and putting stuff away. You’ll wake up to an orderly house and face the day with a clearer head.

3. Bring the Outdoors In with Plants

Indoor plants have skyrocketed in online searches. Perhaps we’ve been pining for nature. Maybe watching something grow assures us that yes, time is really passing. Either way, indoor plants have never been more popular. In addition, they purify the air and look beautiful in a way that no artificial plant can.

If you have the wall space, you could consider a vertical green wall. Green walls offer all the benefits of potted plates, only ‘upsized’. They absorb noise as well as toxins, make a beautiful backdrop for a dining table or a yoga mat, and exude a tranquil forest vibe.

4. Reflect on Your Mirrors

Though we love the way a strategically-hung mirror can create the illusion of added space in a room, too many or ill-placed mirrors can be disorientating. Fengshui experts have firm views on where and where not to hang them. These include: avoid hanging them directly over beds, chairs and sofas, and never have them in the kitchen.

5. Scent Your Surroundings

A whole industry has been built on the transformative power of scent. And it’s no bohemian ‘new age’ novelty. Scientific studies show that when we inhale a fragrance, the scent receptors in our noses send messages to our brains that measurably lower levels of cortisol, the so-called ‘stress hormone’. Relax your mind via the scent receptors in your nose and your favourite home scent


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