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What Goes with a Tiffany Blue Kitchen?

The vitality of Tiffany Blue has grown on many homeowners and many want to include this popular colour in their home interiors. In fact, it is even touted by some as the new black. Often decorated with gold, metal hardware to bring out its elegance, this shade of blue can be teamed up with various themes. From contemporary to rustic farmhouse, modern to sleek, you can create so many different looks for your kitchen makeover with Tiffany Blue.

Tiffany Blue is a colloquial name given to the robin egg blue colour associated with Tiffany & Co., gaining popularity a few years back in kitchen makeovers and has remained a colour of choice for those wanting an aqua or beach feel to their homes.

While this shade can match darker palettes like black or brown, this iconic colour is best paired with white, creating a delicate contrast and opening up the space within. When used with shaker doors design or with marble-inspired quartz tops, it can add a freshness to the kitchen and gives it a bright and airy vibe. To accentuate the colour, unique tile back splash, like the scallop design in the picture, can further bring out the beach theme in the kitchen.

To avoid overpowering your space with one color, you can use the white through into the other rooms in the house, like the bathroom for example. The Tiffany Blue can be overwhelming if used for all the rooms in the house. Taking the white instead into the other parts of the house is definitely a more classy design approach. In the picture below, the white and the marble-inspired motifs provide seamless continuity from the kitchen.

Wood is another material that goes well with this accent that can be used in other parts of the house. This rustic colour can add depth to the pastel blue and create a unique, cosy feel overall. Whatever the combination is, there is something innately tranquil about this colour that will make you look forward to come home after a hard day's work.



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