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Tips on Preparing a Safe Gathering At Home during Covid Times

In the past, whenever we think of a gathering, we think of going to a fancy restaurant, a bar, or a home feast, or perhaps a certain combination of the above. However, after the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown starts kicking in, gatherings don't feel the same anymore. Fret not, with our 5 tips for preparing a safe gathering at home, you and friends will still find the joy in a gathering or two.

1. Setting the Atmostphere with some relaxing music.

Depending on the occasion, you may want to adjust your playlist to suit the occasion.

For example, radio stations will likely be playing Christmas party songs non-stop during Christmas period. However, we recommend downloading playlists or use custom streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify to avoid unwanted advertisements.

2. Prepare light bites and drinks

They say that food is half the atmosphere. Be ready to greet your guests with various finger foods, from potato wedges to nuggets. If the gathering falls on a holiday, you can plan your food accordingly to suit the occasion. For example, do set aside some champagne if the gathering falls on Christmas eve or New Year's.

3. Amp up the festivities by adding decorative touches to your home

Truth be told, many of us feel that decorative features of a home would only be used a few times a year. However, it its tied to a certain festive season i.e. Christmas, the same props can be used again for a good number of years! By simply adding a few creative props definitely helps liven up the atmosphere! ​If you're adventurous, try mixing and matching pieces of different designs to produce something unique that you can be proud of.

4. Spice it up with some light games

Nothing feels more like a gathering without some light games to talk over with. These can range from popular card games like exploding kittens, to poker cards, or even phone party apps games! Let your imagination run wild, and toss a little truth or dare for a penalty and you got a fun night ahead of you.

5. Consider takeaways or simply preorder food in advance

Finally, for the main event, the food. Some may enjoy showing off their cooking skills to their friends and families. However, others may prefer saving on the trouble of cooking to be able to spend more time bonding with their loved ones. Most places, especially Singapore, are seeing a surge in take-away and food delivery apps. From FoodPanda, GrabFood & Deliveroo, theres no lack of options when it comes to food choices for your fun night ahead!


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