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Tips on Designing An Open-Concept Kitchen

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Over the years, more and more new homeowners are scraping the option of closed kitchens in new BTOs, there’s no better time to embrace the open kitchen concept. Not sure how to start? Fret not as our designers have a few tips for you. Heres how you too can own an open-concept kitchen with style.

1. Hide the mess with a kitchen island or bar table

Perhaps one of the smarter ways to hide the kitchen mess is to create a raised bar table that separates the cooking zone from the rest of your home. Because it’s taller than your countertop, it can conceal the sink, stovetop and everything within. It also makes for a great spot for breakfast, drinks or casual meals.

2. Ensure there is sufficient light for your open kitchen

One of the very fundamental mistakes homeowners make is that they assume that the lighting from the dining area is sufficient for the main light in the kitchen. If you are not blessed with daylight facing your kitchen, do start planning for artificial lighting. Consider task lighting as well as lighting that helps to enhance the ambience and feel of your kitchen. In addition, consider about spotlights to help illuminate dark corners on your countertops, or pendants that can create visual interest.

3. Hide clutter with smart storage

An open kitchen means everything in your cooking space can be seen from the rest of your communal spaces. To ensure things are neat and tidy in your kitchen, its a good idea to invest in carpentry with smart storage functions. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are great for maximising storage space, while giving the impression of a larger and expansive kitchen. And since they reach all the way to the top, there are no gaps for dust accumulation.

Source: ObbioConcept

4. Invest in glass dividers if the cooking smells bother you

If you cook often enough at home and cooking smells and oily vapors bother you, consider opting for glass walls and doors to block off the smells. They are a classy option and still help to retain the sense of spaciousness that open kitchens provide.

5. Ensure your kitchen matches with the rest of your home

Overall, its important to ensure your kitchen looks one with the rest of your home. Pay attention to colour coordination and ensures it matches the theme of the kitchen and its carpentry match the blue kitchen cabinets.


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