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The Impact of Covid on Future Interior Design Trends

Covid undoubtedly left its mark in history, changed how we work, meet and interact with others. As a result, interior design of homes have also been affected due to the shift of government regulations, such as remote schooling and working from home measures. As interior designers, we've listed the most prominent residential interior design changes as a result from covid.

1. Brighter Colours

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us stayed indoors, watched the news of covid-19 taking the lives of many people, both local and overseas. From the isolation and social distancing measures combined with the loss and grief of our loved ones, we are unable to meet our friends and loved ones. Having experienced this over the course of many months and years, it has definitely taken its toll on the mental health of many of us.

Studies show that Covid-19 has taken its toll on mental health.

Hence it is no wonder why many new and existing homeowners now opt for a more brighter and more colourful home design. Colour psychology indeed has shown us that brighter tones can have an uplifting effect, creating more cheerful and exciting environment, thus improving the overall mood and feel at home.

2. The Rise of the Home Office

One would never had imagined that remote schooling or working would ever have existed before 2020. This has changed and made an enormous impact on the way we live and work today. The priority shift of a Home Office has made homeowners focus on functionality of a proper working area without the usual distractions at home.

3. Self-Care and Relaxation Areas

In a time of distress, self-care is more important than ever. With the ever so volatile travel restrictions, it is often difficult to plan for time-off to go for a vacation. Thus, it would make sense more than ever to have some sort of contingency self-care facility where you are able to relax at home.

Common examples range from simple additions such as a bathtub installed, or perhaps revamping a room for meditation and relaxation. Regardless of choice, new homeowners may want to pay attention to giving relaxation options in their home some thought when renovating.

4. Replicating the Travel Experience at Home

Similar to the recreating of self-care and relaxation areas at home, why not replicate the travel experience into their residential space as much as you can? Having a sauna built into one’s home is a good option to enjoy some vacation-inspired relaxation at home. The same applies to decking out a foyer as a hotel lobby.

With careful planning, homeowners can easily transform their residential space, making the most of it and getting to enjoy solutions that were previously unavailable.

If you are looking for advice on recreating this experience at home, do reach out to an interior design company to create a concept that's in-line with your ideal preferences and budget. Contact Dreamakers Interior for today!


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