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Stand out by incorporating these Japanese Technologies in your Home

You've probably seen the many wonders of Japan's technologies if you have previously been to Japan. Whether its the little things such as extra features for a certain household appliance, technology used in Japanese homes are still much more advanced compared to Singapore. Our designers had compiled the top few technologies that we felt were cool and stood out to us.

Source: HKVision

1. Door Video Intercom System

Perhaps one of the systems that makes more sense in condominium apartments, this nifty gadget allows you to see through the intercom should you have a visitor or a package dropped off in your deposit box on the ground floor. What makes this interesting for Singapore's context is that with many of the video intercom systems nowadays being smartphone compatible, you need not physically be at home to collect your package. With the intercom connected to your smartphone, you will be able to see visitors or delivery staff at your home, and give them certain instructions should you need to.

Source: True Japan

2. Japanese Washlet

Also known as electronic toilet-bidets. You can warm the seat with the touch of a button, and a control panel activates water-jet cleaning and drying. And now, they are available in Singapore! With water-proofed connections, the only downside of owning one is the cost. Consider owning a electronic toilet-bidet in your next home makeover!

Source: Fun Japan

3. Japanese Bathtub

If we had to put one thing that Japanese Bathtubs stood out than regular bathtubs, it would be the smart functions & control panel that comes with the Japanese Bathtubs! These control panel are fitted with smart features such as temperature control, preheating functions for the TUB and prefilling the tub. One of the huge hurdles getting something similar locally is due to different electrical standards here in Singapore compared to Japan. Thankfully, local suppliers (such as has recently been able to import such bathtubs that adhere to local electrical requirements and standards. Do consider a bathtub in your next bathroom renovation if you like soaking in a warm bubble bath after a long day's of work.


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