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Singapore Renovation Ideas: 5 Unique Interior Design Styles

While the popular renovation design ideas such as Scandinavian and modern industrial styles might be someone’s dream home, others may not necessarily feel the same. Apart from the few design styles commonly found in Singapore homes, the styles frequently explored in Singapore are merely the tip of the iceberg. We share with you five interior design styles and ideas uncommon to Singaporeans but are interesting and gorgeous styles we can incorporate into our homes.

1. Coastal

The coastal interior design style, which originated in the Hamptons in the late 19th century, is an airy and natural style aimed at bringing the outside indoors. As the Hamptons is located on the South Fork of Long Island, New York, and is surrounded by the ocean, this interior style incorporates many aspects associated with the coast, the beach, and the sea.

This style puts emphasis on light and airy interiors with lots of natural sunlight, furniture made out of wicker, rattan or light weathered woods and light fabrics such as linen. The cool colours of the ocean and the bright yellows resembling the sun set against a bright white background create a relaxing seaside vibe.

2. Victorian

The first renovation design idea we have for you is the Victorian design style. This style was popular back between 1837 and 1901 when Britain was under Queen Victoria’s rule.

Key elements and characteristics of this style include vibrant floral wallpaper, rich colours, heavily embellished curtains and ornately carved wood furniture with curved edges – all of which adds texture and elegance to the interior and were a reflection of the family’s social and economic status. To share some ideas with you, consider rich hues of gold-brown and red-brown, stained-glass lampshades and brocade curtains to recreate the Victorian look in your home.

3. Classic Farmhouse

The classic farmhouse design style is another great renovation design idea. This style is influenced by the early settlers of America who lived in farm homes and it incorporates simple and minimalist furnishings to mimic the look of farmhouses, also putting emphasis on the idea of “slowing down and enjoying the scenery.”

As the farmhouse residents of the particular time period saw a need for sturdy and practical furnishings, this style incorporates a lot of natural elements such as hardwood.

4. Mixed-Modern

Modern design originally comes from the turn-of-the-century movement characterized by an emphasis on abstract thinking, functionality, and stark, simple forms. Why not change it up with a twist of colors?

If you're looking to incorporate the modern look in your home, consider the following modern design ideas.

  1. Clean lines: Modern homes are constructed with clean, straight lines and minimal ornamentation.

  2. Minimal home decor: Modern spaces are free from clutter and unnecessary flourishes. Modern decor prioritizes functionality over fashion.

  3. Neutral colors: Modern style steers clear of bright colors in favor of a monochromatic, neutral color palette. Think white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones.

  4. Open floor plan: Use furniture instead of walls to differentiate between the spaces of an open plan home. For example, a kitchen island can separate a kitchen from the dining room, and a sectional sofa can bring definition to an open living room.

  5. Low and long furniture: Long furniture pieces situated low to the ground can give your home a modern look if they’re also made from natural materials like unpainted wood or metal. Leather and fabric upholstery, wood veneers (such as those used to create the classically mid-century modern Eames chair), glass, chrome, steel, and concrete are also popular finishes for modern furniture.

5. Mediterranean

The last renovation design idea we have for you is the Mediterranean interior design style. It is a style influenced by the aesthetics of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe, particularly Greece, Italy, and Spain. However, due to the influence of cultures and design traditions of other countries such as Israel, Morocco and France bordering the Mediterranean Sea, there are also several other versions of this style.

Some of the notable characteristics of the Mediterranean design style are the use of natural and reliable materials such as wood, wrought iron, glass and stone, warm-coloured ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, as well as rich colours of the ocean and gold tones of the sun, set against a background of white and neutral colours.

These incredible interior design ideas are rarely seen in Singapore, yet they are beautiful design styles capable of enriching your life and providing you with a comfortable place to call home.


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