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Selecting the right Lightings for your Dream Home

When it comes to renovating your dream home, lightings usually isn't the first thing that comes to mind to many homeowners. Despite this, lighting has a huge impact to any theme. Ranging from the different themes, to the practical usage of each lighting, a combination of different lighting for different situations is usually required in a single home.

Source: Nordarchitecture

1. Overall aesthetic

When designing your dream home, there usually has a theme in mind. Furnitures and fixings would follow the selected theme, and subsequently the other smaller details such as lighting. Even though it may not be the biggest item in the room, homeowners should be keeping an eye out for when picking lighting fixtures for their home.

Singapore homes in particular, have smaller and lower ceilings than compared to countries around the world, hence why built-in lighting is such a common lighting style locally. However, do not let that reason alone dictate the design direction of your new home. Between style and compromise, homeowners can opt for smaller versions of such lighting fixtures.

Source: Indigo Renderer

2. Select a control type

While it is perfectly fine to use the default switches that comes with your BTO, why not explore using larger tab switches. Larger tab switches will prove easier to turn on when you are in a dark room.

Dimmers are another consideration for homes to tone down lighting before bedtime. The 2 most popular types of dimmers in the market are leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. All things compared, trailing edge dimmers work better with lower energy consuming lights such as LEDs, and thus prevent less problems such as flickering, etc.

Source: Pinterest

3. Settle on a lighting type

There are different types of lighting types, and they are linked to the desired color temperature as your outcome. In short, there are 4 main categories of lightings:

1. Task lighting

2. Ambient lighting

3. Ascent lighting

3.1 Task lighting

Task lighting is lighting thats meant to help you with your tasks or work. Most people opt for white cooling lighting as its easy on the eyes since work will be done over long periods of time. In addition, task lighting focuses all of its light on a specific point and tends to be much brighter than ambient lighting, which is considered as diffused lighting.

3.2 Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the type of lighting you think about when it comes to general lighting – the aim is to light up the entire room uniformly. The existing wall room colors play an important role in deciding the lighting types, as ambient lighting works by bouncing off the walls to evenly light up the room.

3.3 Accent lighting

Accent lighting are considered as "additional" lighting that gives your home a theme, feel or particular ambience. Its not as focused as task lighting, while being less diffused than ambient lighting. Common placements for accent lighting include under a feature wall, bookshelf or inside a wardrobe.

Source: Hilight Design

4. Consider using a smart lighting for your home

Many light manufacturers are innovating their homes to jump on the digital home bandwagon. Its no surprise that remote sensor-controlled lights exists in homes already. But wouldn't it be swell to light up your bathroom and the rooms connecting to it in the middle of the night before even reaching it?

Amazon Alexa and Google Home have collaborated with many lighting manufacturers to make this dream a reality. Ensure your smart lighting is compatible with your home before purchasing them!


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