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Our History

Dreamakers Interior & Design was founded by Ron Lim, who has more than a decade of experience in all aspects of interior design and renovations.

When selecting our team members, we place values above everything else. We emphasise integrity, honesty and sincerity in all our designers and staff. That is why we invest a lot of time and effort in building the competencies of our team in areas of personal & professional development. Even our renovation suppliers and stakeholders have a long-standing working relationship with us with proven skilled workmanship and standards.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is guided by these 5 basic principles:

1. Interior spaces should be practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

2. The home or interior space should be a reflection of the clients’ lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

3. Ideas and innovations must be developed with deep respect for the project budget.

4. Presentations of designs and ideas will be thorough, providing the client with an in-depth understanding of proposed design solutions.

5. Attention to each and every project from the conceptual onset to the final installation and handover is essential to the project’s success.

Why Choose Dreamakers

With a phletora of building materials available in the market today comes a wide range of quality in interior design work. Finding an ID you can trust who would give you sound advice, honest reviews and reliable service should be your priority. At Dreamakers, we pride ourselves in winning our clients' trust and consistently garnering 5-star reviews on all platforms. So look no further, for DESIGN PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST, come down and have a chat with us.



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