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Introductory Guide to Home Lighting (2022 Edition)

Lighting sets the ambience in your home. It has the ability to impact the mood of the people in the room. Lights comes in all formats and sizes. For example, a living room with bright and shiny lights signals a welcoming aura; this is advisable to use when entertaining visitors. A dimmer light on the living room, on the other hand, represents intimacy and peace; this is recommended for romantic nights watching movies.

Types of Lighting for Your Home

Every light in your home falls under one of the following categories: general, task, or accent lighting.

1. General Lighting

General lighting refers to the main light in the room. Also known as ambient lighting, this type includes both light fixtures as well as natural light coming in from skylights or windows.

2. Task Lighting

Task lighting uses light fixtures and lamps to add light to a work area. Think of a desk lamp in the office for paperwork, vanity lights to apply makeup, or a light above the sink for dishwashing. Sometimes a light falls into multiple categories. Kitchen island lights could be both accent and task lights, while track lights could be general or accent lighting. Add dimension and depth to a room by layering multiple light types together.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting illuminates a specific area of a room. Think of a reading chair, a kitchen island, a dining room table, or a beautiful piece of art that you want to highlight. Accent lighting targets those areas and provides enough light to cover that element without overwhelming it.

Basic Lighting Tips

1. Type of Lights

Make sure to visually categorize your light before installing them. For exampleYour home’s main lighting should be large and bright. At the end of the day, your home is still a place that needs to be lit. You can play around with different types of lights to set the mood of your home, but you still need to have a bright light to make the entire place visible.

2. Decide on a size

The size of your lighting serves different purposes. Make sure that you will consider the ceiling height before you run to the chandelier store! You wouldn’t want your dangling lights serve as a curtain too, right?

3. Direction and Angle

Needless to say, direction and angles of accent lights are important to emphasize and highlight certain areas of the house. This also goes for task lighting, for example if you are to put a lamp on your office desk, remember that it’s not just a decoration. You have to place it in the correct angle that it lights the working area. Also, your bedside table lamp is also a good reading light. And most importantly, place the lamp in a convenient distance from the sofa or chair or bed.

4. Plan ahead to ensure the lights fit your design theme

Lights are nice but it shouldn’t compromise your interior design. When choosing light fixtures for your home, ensure that it matches the theme of your home – from the furniture design to the wall colors.

5. Maintenance

Maintain the lights as often as possible. Unlike other decorations at home, lights need to be maintained more often. Check or replace the bulbs when necessary; and make sure to wipe it from time to time.

Naturally, each light has its function and effect on your overall interior design. Making the lights fit with your design theme may come naturally for some, especially if you are already certain on how you visualize your entire place. But for some who need some guidance to head in the right direction, you can seek help from professionals our interior designers in Singapore to make sure that you are doing it right.


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