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How to Strategically Lower Your Renovation Budget

Renovation materials in Singapore have been on an upward trend since the 2000s, and even more so since the pandemic. That trend is expected to continue in 2023, making renovations more expensive than they used to be. If you need to upgrade your home right now, you’re probably going through the calculations a thousand times. Would you still be able to achieve a similar look and feel while lowering ? Having a limited budget will reduce your ability to purchase expensive construction materials. That is where strategic planning comes in, you’ll need to be resourceful and clever about the choices that you make. By following a few strategic tips, you can get a high quality renovation that’s not going to break the bank.

Reuse and Repurpose

Reusing and repurposing will save you money while still giving you high quality materials to work with. At the same time, such a decision is going to boost the sustainability of your project. Glass, wood, bricks, plastics, stone, metal and plasterboard are all construction materials you can reuse and repurpose.

This tip is best for renovation projects that involve some demolition and heavy remodelling. Don’t let essential resources go to waste! If you choose the right contractor for the job, they’ll salvage lots of valuable stuff that could be put to good use in your brand new home.

Choose Affordable Alternatives

The construction market today is really wonderful. Technological developments and innovation have resulted in an array of materials. Some engineered options look incredibly good and they’re also very affordable.

Laminate is a great alternative to solid wood. When you choose well-made laminate, you’ll make it impossible for people to tell it’s not the real thing. On top of being more affordable, laminate is much less likely to warp, twist or shrink. For example, Bamboo is another beautiful, affordable choice that can replace hardwood in your home.

Request for a Detailed Quote

This is an important first step for everyone doing a renovation and it’s even more vital for people who have a limited budget. Get in touch with several contractors and ask for detailed quotes. A well-written, professional quote should include a price breakdown. This information will give you a good idea about the most expensive aspects of the renovation. When you have these numbers, you’ll find it much easier to decide when to look for alternatives and how to effectively reduce expenditure without making a quality compromise.

Performing Minor Adjustments

Instead of instantly seeking replacements with expensive renovation materials, try to come up with a few design tweaks. By changing the scope of the renovation or the manner in which it’s going to be carried out, you could reduce expenditure and still enjoy fine materials.

Take a look at the original idea. Are there luxuries you simply like but they’re not going to necessarily improve the functionality of your flat? If that’s the case, you can easily cut those items out and focus the budget on the biggest and most strategic improvements. This approach allows you to get fine pieces and to also improve the functionality of the design concept.

Organize Your Own Deliveries

The cost of having materials delivered to your address can be overwhelming. Talk to your contractor about the prospects of organising your own deliveries. Looking for a transportation service on your own can help you save a serious sum that would be best spent on the renovation itself.


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