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How to Setup the Perfect Christmas Gathering In Singapore 2021

Time files when we are stuck at home due to the covid pandemic. And now it’s that time of the year again, its time to let loose and celebrate with your loved ones. Here's how you can make the perfect Christmas celebration while still being socially responsible in 2021.

1. Setup a Christmas Tree

Since you’ll only be bringing the Christmas decor out once a year, you may not be inclined to splurge on extravagant, expensive pieces of decor. However, having a Christmas tree itself certainly makes your home a lot more festive. Consider investing in a smaller tree if your home does not have much space, or be even more daring and opt for a larger tree should your home have the extra space needed for your festive needs.

2. Create the perfect festive atmosphere

Following the Christmas tree, the next way to have a jolly Christmas is to create the atmosphere. Christmas tree lightings, and your favorite holiday music tracks are a sure-fire way to be one with the holiday spirit in your home.

3. Prepare a delightful feast

Christmas gatherings are nothing without glorious Christmas food. Do make the necessary arrangements with food catering or cooking of your own feast. While most food takeaways require a reservation prior to the holiday itself, you may want to opt to cooking your very own feast. In addition, while they may not seem like much, but little things like your tableware add finishing touches to complete the celebratory, festive vibes at home.

4. Celebrating with your friends via zoom

Since most of us have a maximum pax of 5 people for Christmas gatherings, attempt to make arrangements to have a zoom call or meeting with your closest friends this holiday season. While you may not be able to be with each other in person, you can certainly have the chance to be with them in spirit!

5. Setup a Christmas Tree

The very last thing to wrap up a perfect Christmas celebration are gifts exchange for you and your loved ones. Be sure to leave your Christmas presents by the Christmas tree first thing when visiting others. You may want to opt for a secret santa to set a budget for each other!


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