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How to determine which Sofas suits your Home's Needs?

A sofa is often the first furniture seen when entering a home. It is not a stretch to say that the sofa is often the most defining piece of furniture in living rooms. With that much impact of the overall aesthetic, it is key to ensure that your sofa is picked correctly to have a complementing and seamless look. Our designers share their top tips to pick the right sofa, read on!

1. Complementing surrounding furnishings

Aside from opting for to have cushions and sofas in the same colour. It is important to ensure that they’re complimentary to the overall surroundings as well. A good way to do this is to take the colors picked in your room and put it side by side with the sofa's aesthetic. In contrast, if your home is filled with dull colors like grey or black, you can also get cushions with patterned designs to stand out and add some visual.

It is key to understand what your living room already has, and what goes well with it.

For example, Scandinavian homes would appreciate grey and brown coloured sofas as the design is often filled with wood. In contrast, darker-themed homes such as modern-industrial styles usually feature lots of brown shades with occasional pops of colour, so brown and red sofas are great choices here.

2. Common Configurations

While there is no right or wrong configuration for every home, it depends what you value and the number of guests you usually have. Commonly, a 2 or 3-seater sofas with an side table works well. Then, to complement the look, or to add a feature piece, they’ll also get single seat sofas. This combination works because regular sofas can seat more people, but a single seat sofa is your personal chair that is cosier and more comfortable.

3. Fabric Type

Most sofas in the market are either leather or fabric based. Again, there is no right or wrong answer as it all comes down to personal preference. Fabric sofas tend to come in a larger variety of colours so the buyer can easily find a colour that complements their living room, whereas leather sofas are luxurious-looking and will look good in most homes.


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