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How to make white interior design work?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The role of a home in one’s life is significant. It gives you a sense of space and comfort to plant your roots to build a family that is unique to you. Being comfortable in your space reduces stress and it provides a place of retreat at the end of a hard day. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

What style best reflects you?

Making a statement that shouts your personality need not be loud. Often, the understated and simple speaks louder.

An all-white colour palette has recently grown in popularity among home owners. While it has gained traction in the kitchen, few dare to venture this option when it comes to bathrooms. But for those who dare, they end up falling in love with the clean, polished and cool white bathrooms that make this look so timeless. A skilled designer uses texture, layering & depth to give this 'colourless' colour its character.


Stick with a neutral palette to accentuate the versatility of this classic favourite. Make all the living areas connect and keep the design simple so to avoid cluttering the open floor plan with too many cabinets.

Mixing White with Wood

#White and #wood typically make a lovely duo. If you're looking for a neutral colour combination that doesn't feel over-the-top, this colour combi provides a nice baseline to consider. Wood elements and white-based palettes definitely offer a flexible base to start with, allowing natural light into the living space.

Mixing #white and #wood requires a good balance to achieve that harmony. But don't let this stop you from charging forward with your bold vision. Similarly with white and #grey. This combination is timeless. Mixing them in your #home interior can evoke an understated vibe in a given #space. It also brings out a unique character of the #home #owners.



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