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Fulfill your inner Bookworm with these 4 Unique Book Storage Ideas

Bookshelves are a traditional way to display your books but let’s face it – some people find traditional a bit too predictable and boring. If you’re one of these people, you’re definitely seeking an alternative way to display your favourite novels. Saving a bit of space while doing so would be an extra bonus. Creative and space-efficient book displays are easy to achieve by employing a creative approach that’s aligned with the specifics of the respective space. Do you need some inspiration to get started with the project? Check out the suggestions below.

Dedicate a reading room Traditionally, a conducive reading room features a comfy armchair, some shelves and a little table featuring some essentials and a lamp. If you want to employ a different approach, consider using a reading bench. It can be very comfortable and it comes with an added bonus. The space underneath the bench is ideal for the storage of books. You don’t need a custom piece to execute the idea – even mass-manufactured indoor benches can be transformed into a piece of reading furniture with a few minimal adjustments.

A Book and Art Mix A simple wall display can make all the difference and you don’t need bookshelves to feature some of the novels that you enjoy the most (or that have the most spectacular covers). For example, a gallery wall can feature both artworks and books. Mixing those together will give you a staple piece of décor that is eclectic and somewhat unusual. This approach has one con – you can’t feature too many books this way. That’s why a gallery wall should be reserved for some of your biggest valuables. The rest of the books can be put in more concealed storage like a pull-out drawer or a traditional library.

Explore a Wall Shelf You don’t really need any accessory or piece of furniture to display your books. When space is too tight, you can actually stack up books against a wall. Some people worry that such an approach is going to look like an afterthought. And this is a definite risk if the approach isn’t employed correctly. The trick is to create the right mix of books, plants and souvenirs. Creating a few stacks that have different heights is also a good approach as these will add some movements instead of making the arrangement look boxy.

Try out a Bedside Library The bedroom is the place where most of the reading is done. If you’re one of these people, you’ll probably be drawn to the idea. The space below behind or below the bed is usually unutilised. More often than not, it’s reserved for some artwork and that’s it. A headboard library is the perfect mix of decorative and functional. It ensures easy access to books and it also frees up living room space for other essentials. Books should be easy to reach and at the same time, you can put a few additional books in a drawer underneath the bed. This space should be saved for the ones you don’t pull out that often or the ones that aren’t attractive enough to place in an open display.

Conclusion Evidently, a bookshelf is just one of the possibilities but there are so many other options. If you are looking for an experienced opinion tailored to your home, do not hestitate to contact us below today.


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