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False Ceilings - A Comprehensive Guide For Lighting Ideas

In the coming years, false ceilings have seen an increased usage in modern homes. False ceilings are an extension of your original ceiling. It’s typically suspended by metal or wooden frames and comes in a variety of designs. However, the main reason for false ceilings to be used are for the interesting and aesthetic designs that can be used alongside it. Our designers share their experience in this article on the most common and practical designs for false ceilings.

1. Flat False Ceiling

The flat false ceiling is popular design featured in many Singapore homes, which conceals the entire roof. This may be ideal if your original ceiling is uneven. Additionally, this design helps to distribute lighting more evenly across the entire room without compromising the aesthetics of your home due to additional wires or trunking. Cove and recessed lighting is practical here.

2. Cove Lighting

Usually resulting from a flat ceiling, Cove lighting utilises LED lights to emit light towards the ceiling and create a cosy ambience. It diffuses illumination and can be used to bring attention to a design on the wall or ceiling of the home.

3. One Bar False Ceiling

The one bar false ceiling is a minimalistic design adopted by some homeowners in Singapore. As it’s located on either 1 or 2 sides of the ceiling’s perimeter, there’s sufficient space to install other additional decor or furniture such as ceiling fans. The result? Dim lighting contributes an exquisite ambience to the room.

4. L-Box False Ceiling

The L-box design is one of the most popular among homeowners, due to the simplicity of its design. It’s built along the perimeter of the original ceiling, typically on 2 sides of a room. Simple, neat and adds a kick to the room design, what's not to love?

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