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Everything you need to know when purchasing cooking appliances for your new flat

What makes a kitchen great, isn't such a lot about the space on how it's organized. When going around creating the kitchen of your dreams, its important to pay attention if they do indeed fit the theme of your house as a whole. Today, we'll be sharing the important details you should consider when purchasing cooking appliances for your new home.

1. Cooker Ranges Vs Hobs

Many people have trouble differentiating cooking ranges and hobs - they do represent very different functions. Ranges are 2-in-1 fixtures comprising of a hob as well as an oven. Whereas, hobs are induction or open flame surfaces that your food is heated on. Not sure which one to get? We will cover this shortly in the next section.

1B. Open-Flame VS Induction Heating Mechanisms

Now that we have covered the differences of cooker ranges and hobs, we have the choice of

Open-flame or induction-based heating mechanisms. Open-flame hobs are traditional gas burners that have been around the longest and are currently still used in most homes today. On the other hand, induction hobs are the relatively new, and they operate by using electromagnetism as a heating source for your cooking needs.

While considering which heating mechanism to use, its important to note the standard types control knobs that comes with it. The open-flame cooking ranges usually comes with traditional looking control knobs, which may be more suited to industrial or traditional homes, whereas the induction based heating mechanisms which may have more digitized control knobs may suit modern homes instead. Lastly, the no of burners would also be a important consideration to take into account. If you have a large family, you may want to consider the

2. Ovens (Stand-alone VS built-in)

Both ovens here are pretty self explanatory. Either opt in for the built-in oven thats built into your kitchen, or the stand-alone version which you can pick up easily at any electronics store.

Deciding on either of them comes down to your preference on the size of both hobs and ovens - those who prefer larger ones may have better luck opting for external stand-alone ovens.

Source: Proline Range Hoods

3. Undermount VS Wall-mount Hoods

You may be familiar on the amount of smell and grease that can travel from the kitchen to other areas of your home. Since its almost certain that you will be cooking at home at some point in time, you'd want to invest in a good hood to filter air and grease.

Undermount hoods are generally more common, making its appearance in many flats from the older generations. Installed at the bottom of a cabinet directly above the cooking area, it filters air and grease that is being produced during your cooking sessions.

Wall-mount hoods however, are attached pretty much anywhere within the kitchen. Although its recommended to be placed near your cooking range, it has its flexibility to be attached anywhere, which is something that can be explored when creatively designing your new home.

Lastly, while considering all the above, as designers ourselves, we would like to remphasize that while function is important, aesthetics is equally key to ensuring an eye-pleasing food workspace that matches the tones, color and feel with the rest of your home.


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