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Be a Pro at Furniture Arrangement with 5 Simple Tips

Many homeowners in Singapore struggle or do not have much clue on furniture arrangement. How does one arrange their furniture in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Shopping for the right furniture and putting it all together to create a beautiful space is not something that everyone can do easily. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of furniture arrangement tips to help you in perfecting your house interior design.

1. Create a focal point

Increase the coziness of your home by arranging the furniture around a focal point, which oddly, is something that many Singapore house interior designs lack. A focal point in your home can be anything, such as an unique artwork, designer furniture or even your television.

If your home lacks distinct features, simply choose the largest item. It should be visually appealing and the first thing you notice when entering a room. Next, begin arranging your furniture around your focal point and take care not to obstruct the view of your focal point. For example, an interesting light fixture can serve as your focal point, while the accompanying furniture can be a less eye-catching set of dining tables and chairs.

2. Create breathing space

Very much like minimalistic interior design, creating small spaces of breathing room between the wall and your furniture pieces can help make your home feel more spacious. If you have a larger space, you can arrange your furniture more freely, but make sure to include conversation areas in the middle of the room. These extra spaces, even between each piece of furniture, make the house interior design look and feel less cluttered, more breathable, and provide you with more space to move around.

3. Ensure balance

Be aware not to group large pieces of furniture together or many small items together on one side of the room as it can make the home interior look imbalanced. Ensure to introduce a variety of shapes and sizes when arranging your furniture, creating visual interest by mixing round shapes with squares and incorporating more organic shapes. In addition, balance can be achieved by choosing an appropriate colour palette of colours that complement each other, by adding contrast to your house interior design and creating white space.

4. Understand the room's proportion

When the proportions are off, the entire house interior design can turn into a messy nightmare. For example, imaging a large potted plant to look good on a small end table, or a small television to look good on a large TV console. Make sure that the furnishings you buy are in proportion to one another.

5. Decorative elements

Small decorative ornaments and accessories should never be overlooked when designing a home’s interior. Small potted plants, decorative books, candles, table lamps, and other items are excellent for decorating and will add a lot of visual interest to your home, making it appear less plain and cosier.

In a nutshell...

Arranging furniture to beautify your home’s interior design is actually simple, but it will take more effort if you’re not an expert in the field. You can, however, always hire interior design services to have a professional help you in finding the right furniture and determining the best placement for your home.


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