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8 Tips for a Easy To Clean Home

Given the busy life of most Singaporeans, most of us barely have the time to keep the house neat & tidy. When its time to actually clean the house, it take so much effort. Our designers have come up with 8 tips that they recommend for a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean home.

Source: Weiken

General Tips

1) Maintain clean and simple walls

Detailed cornices or regal French moldings on your walls are unsurprisingly major dust collectors. With its protruding edges, they are also the perfect spot for pests like spiders to spin cobwebs on! Reduce your hassle of cleaning bumps and ends by opting for a bare wall free from those extra details instead.

Its quite common sense that home with many decorations on walls is an open invitation for dust to accumulate and spiders to spin their cobwebs on. Avoid having multiple paintings or decorations on walls for tidier look.

Source: 9creation

2) Opt for Grout-less Flooring

Homogeneous tiles are used in most default housing . However, if you have experienced living with these tiles before, you will probably notice dirt trapped within those tiles very easily. The worst part? Removing grime is difficult and labor intensive. Cleaning usually entails a dedicated scrubber and lots of scrubbing. Thankfully, this is easily avoided as more new homeowners tend to opt for Grout-less flooring.

3) Go for flush built-ins to the walls

If you foresee yourself using a wardrobe in the long-term, do invest in a proper built-in wardrobe or similar furniture. Having built-in furniture to the walls minimizes any recesses that unwanted dust or pests can ‘hide’ in. Plus, you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to sweep underneath for stray litter – unlike loose furniture.

4) More is Less

As Marie Kondo says, if it does not spark joy, its gotta go. Having less items means lesser surfaces to clean. Depending on the look you are going for, going for less will produce a cleaner look overall, which results in less work needed for cleaning.


5) Use mixed quartz for your kitchen countertops

Modern quartz are made of silicone dioxide and other materials, formed with the end result of a durable materials popular for kitchen countertops, and for good reason too, it is highly resistant to scratches, stains and high temperatures - perfect for those spills of your morning coffee. This means less work for cleaning up the kitchen countertops.

Bed/Living Room

6) Replace traditional fabric sofas with velvet or leather

Ever had a drink spill on your sofa? Drinks seeping into the fabrics and hard to clean. The solution? Opt for stain resistant materials such as velvet or leather when choosing your next sofa.


7) Opt for flooring with larger tiles

This may apply more to the older flats with traditional Grout bathroom tiles. Dirt and dust accumulate quickily under tiles, especially in a moist and humid environment such as bathrooms. With larger tiles, this means lesser dirt will be accumulated, thus less cleaning.

Source: Enka

8) Hide your water pipes

Why you may ask? Concealing the waterpipes in your bathroom means less dirt, debris and dust accumulation. Its common to have several pipes hanging around both of your toilets, some even at angles that may accumulate water.


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