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6 Tips on Creating The Best Home Office

Ever since the Covid pandemic in 2019, the workplace practices around the world has been evolving. This means that working from home is getting increasingly common. Aside from freelancers, it is much more likely to work from home occasionally. To help you work efficiently in the comfort of your home, here’s sharing 6 interesting tips to consider when you design your home office. Read on!

1. Balance & Form

Depending on the type of home office you are looking for, does it fit well with the rest of your rooms? Attempting to balance comfort and function can be a challenging when trying to achieve both practicality and aesthetics. Its important to identify what you value more of either, and additionally, to keep the work and living areas separate. Glass doors or walls are a great option to keep out sound and welcome natural light.

2. Lighting

For most office workers, lighting is important , especially when using the computer for prolonged hours of time. Study has shown that natural lighting helps people to be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer! Therefore, many workplaces have some form of glass window and a great view to reduce stress levels. Despite all your attempts for natural lighting, there may be a corner or two in your house that lacks lighting regardless. A solution would be daylight bulbs or supplemental desk lighting for these areas.

3. Hardware and equipment

Its no surprise that one of the first considerations when designing your home office would be equipment and hardware required to do your work. Depending on your work, you may or may not need extra peripherals, such as a scanner or printer. Do take into these considerations when planning your home workspace.

4. Storage

Study has shown that a neat and tidy workplace is a conducive workplace. This means decluttering your work area, be it physical or visual. End the day of work at home? Do remember to store your documents in a convenient locker or cabinet, all within reach of your work station. This also leads to productivity when you know exactly where your documents are.

5. Backdrop: The area behind you

As the Covid pandemic is evolving around the world, you may or may not have been posted to work at home. Work continues, meetings are still scheduled, either physically or online. And when you trying to join a meeting at the comfort of your home, its always great to give a good impression to your colleagues and coworkers. This means having a clean, tidy and professional backdrop. Ensure there is little to no mess in the area behind yourself.

6. Environment

Research has shown that workplace environment certainly affects work morale. Its the little things that can transform a boring work space to a warm and inviting home office that resonates with you. Be it an some greenery, art piece or motivational quotes, these little add-ons can brighten your mood and inspire you to work better!


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