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6 Common Mistakes made in Minimalistic Interior Design

Minimalism has grown in popularity in recent years. From being spotted in Instagrammable cafes to the hottest restaurants, minimalism is one of the most well-known renovation design ideas in Singapore. Despite its popularity, it is also one of the world’s most misunderstood design styles. In this article, we will clarify some of the most common misconceptions about the style to help homeowners better understand it and get more renovation design ideas.

1. Extremely plain or monochromatic colored rooms

Many people believe that a minimalist home can only have neutral colours like black, white, or beige. That, however, is not the case. A home with only one or two colours will appear plain and uninspiring.

But in order for a room to really make a statement, you need some contrast with a base color and interesting texture. When creating a minimalistic interior, it’s all about keeping the base color subdued.

2. A very empty-looking Entrance

A blank entrance makes you feel like you’re walking into an igloo. You don’t want to create a bland first impression on your guests. Simple ways to spruce up the entrance include: laying down a rug, adding an entryway bench for seating, hanging a wall mirror or wall art and so on.

3. Limited usage of patterns and textures

A minimalist home can contain textures and patterns because a home would look too flat and cold without them. Spruce things up at home by adding rattan furniture, fur rugs, knitted throws, or other textures you desire. But take note not to go overboard with textures as that will only distort the visual weight.

Patterns can also be used in a minimalist home. Some renovation design ideas include laying your floor tiles in a herringbone design and installing fluted panels. Aside from that, you can decorate your home with patterned furniture or artwork.

4. Only using simple and plain furniture

There are many different types of furniture pieces available, and it would be such a shame if you couldn’t purchase them for your own home. The good news is that minimalist homes don’t have to be filled with simple and plain furniture. As long as it is functional, or of high quality, and has a clean and sleek appearance, then it will work well in any minimalist home.

You can consider getting designer furniture, accent pieces and unique geometric designs as long as they don’t contain distracting features that can detract from the minimalist vibe.

5. There will be lots of unutilised space

Contrary to some that believe minimalist homes must have a lot of empty space and every new furniture addition must be carefully planned. That is not the case. A good arrangement of furniture is key, making sure to avoid any awkward spaces tocreates a visual balance. Minimalist homes do prefer spacious and airy interiors, but this can be achieved through visual illusion and careful space planning. If you need to add an armchair to a corner of your room, go ahead and do so; you don’t have to limit your purchases just to make your home look empty and spacious.

6. Not Accessorizing the space

Although living minimally means living simply, with only items that serve a purpose, you can still decorate your home with ornaments such as sculptures, unique lamps, or artwork. They only serve as decoration but they can add so much warmth and visual interest to your home, making it a cosy place to relax in.

The key to minimalist design is creating a spacious and beautiful space with appealing warmth. Instead of restricting yourself to the “rules” set up by society, pick and choose what you love best about the minimalist design style and incorporate it into your home, along with other design elements you fancy.


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