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5 Tips to Designing Child-Friendly Homes

Also known as baby-proofing, designing a child-friendly home protects your children against the potential household hazards at home. By childproofing your home interior, you’ll be giving them a safe place to play, learn and grow. Identifying the key areas and solving problems creatively can keep your home interior without breaking the bank or entirely changing the aesthetic of your living room. Here are basic tips to child-proof your bedroom interior.

1. Keep things soft

Keeping your environment soft and hazard-free is key. While very family and interior design has different solutions, here are some of the best ways to keep your little one from hurting themselves on sharp corners. Buy corner protectors, invest in edge guards, use plumbing foam pipe to cover edges. These little things add up, and will ensure a safe home for your loved ones.

2. Use non-slip rugs

Rugs are an easy safety solution for hardwood floor tiles design. They offer cushion for falls and trips while doubling as a play mat. Plus, the right rug can really pull a room together. Many rugs are manufactured to be non-slip. However, if you already have a rug that isn’t non-slip, and you’re not willing to part with it, consider investing in a rug pad. For those on a tighter budget, you can get smaller rug grips to put on the corners too.

3. Remove unstable furniture

Some things inside our home can’t be fixed up for a baby. The good news is that they won’t be small forever but, while they are, it may be best to store floor lamps and breakable vases or potted plants out of reach. If you’re using baby gates or are willing to rearrange your furniture, move these unstable breakables to areas your baby can’t access.

4. Preventive Measures

Prevention is better than cure. To be careful is to be one-step ahead. Plan your home with preventive measures in mind for your little ones. Baby gates can play a big part in this, too. Some rearranging can go a long way. Placing a large decorative pillow or hide power outlets with furniture can keep that area kid-friendly. Get creative with what you have and just start shoving things back and forth until you find what works.

5. Keep surfaces clear

The more clutter on your flat surfaces, the more your baby will be drawn to explore them. Side tables with open cups or easily accessible electronics are both dangerous and asking for a mess! Staying on top of organisation and tidiness is a great way to beat danger and minimise cleaning after a long day of chasing kiddos around. Find alternative storage places for clutter, move objects up higher out of reach, or to be sure, you can hire a reliable interior designer in Singapore to help you clear spaces you never knew you could.


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