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5 Tips to Aestheticly Showcase your Collectibles in your Home

It is not uncommon for people to have a few collectibles or action figures of their fantasy world idols. Whether it’s superhero figurines, sneakers, or K-pop merchandise, your geeky and wonderful collections that you spent years amassing are a great way to showcase your personality. Our designers have amassed 5 great tips for homeowners to have had success making their collectibles the focal point of their home.

Source: Admexico

1. Storing them on a wall-mounted shelf

If you have delicate collections of your collectibles, its better to make it an organized mess instead of a mess. Consider using a wall-mounted shelf it all over your walls will make your home look extra cluttered. Store them all away on a wall shelf, and keep the walls clear of any decoration to make your collectibles the focal point of the room.

You can make use of the color contrast of your collection to make it stand out from the room. Using a dark color against a pale neutral wall is a particularly clever move to draw all attention to it the moment anyone walks into the room.

Source: Decor Facil

2. Using recessed shelves as a display area

A clever way to showcase your love of your collections is to utilize recessed shelves as a display area for your rooms. Keep them in a central area so that you can be reminded of what you love on a daily basis.

Source: Pinterest

3. Setting aside a bedroom as a showroom

Model makers, this one’s for you. If you’ve got an impressive collection of star wars merchandise, show them off on a huge wall-to-ceiling display shelf, just like what this homeowner did! You can see just how proud the homeowner is of his collection – the backlit shelves and alongside with the star-wars logo makes it a collector's paradise.

Source: Qanvast

4. Showing them off in the living room

Where else to show off your collectibles than the communal areas? Rather than keeping them hidden away in private areas like the bedroom, putting them on display in places like your living room will definitely garner more attention.

Just take a look at how this homeowner has showcased his merchandise. One look and you know that nobody will, well, not notice it. Bonus points for the way it complements the marble feature wall and floor, because it really brings out the modern, luxe look of the place.

Source: Hello Bricks

5. Displaying them in coffee tables

Ever wondered how a star-war's fan home would look like? Look no further than this home. The dark colour theme of the home just makes the vibrant battleship merchandise stand out even more. We also love how they chose to keep their game console games and controllers in this table – take notes if you want a display that’s more unique!


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