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5 Tips for your Home Gaming Setups

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

It’s every gamer’s dream to have a dedicated room for their hobby, and gamers are no exceptions. Whether you enjoy playing on a PC or a video game console, having the right surrounding environment can make all the difference to your gaming experience. Here at Dreamakers, we’ve set up the ultimate guide with 5 essential tips and tricks on how to create an optimal gaming hideaway.

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1. Dedicate a room for him and her

If your significant other love gaming, you may want to consider turning a spare room into a shared gaming space, which is a different take for the use of rooms out there. As it is a shared room, you can see the clear spaces created by various lightning elements and accessories. Truly not something you will see everyday!

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2. Keep it simple and presentable

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, most of us are working from home. If you are planning to work and game at the same workstation, you might want to keep it neat and tidy should you need to do video calls from time to time. Ensure a well-lit room and neutral background is the safe way to ensure a conducive work environment. The last thing you want is dialing into a meeting with your boss in a room full of RGB lights.

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3. Deck your gaming area out with neon lights

Neon lights are common accessories in a gaming room, but if you want to make your gaming room stand out from the crowd, try adding them to your table and accessories. With just blue LED lights built into the game station, the cool ambience makes the room more sophisticated than your typical gaming room. If you're feeling ambitious, you can try adding different colors of RGB to bring your gaming room to life!

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4. Adding gaming accessories in your room

For quite a while now, many "gaming" brands have been emerging, with gaming accessories such as Razer and gaming chairs like Secretlab. They have a thing in common - they are aesthetics pleasing, and provides comfort and function for gamers. But, what hasn’t changed is the constant innovation in the gaming accessories market. Flagship brands like secretlab and Razer has upmost willingness to listen to feedback and to continually try and improve their chairs, making their new products the best in the market. Try adding perhaps a new RGB keyboard, mouse or gaming chair and your room would start to resemble a gaming abode.

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5. Set aside a family gaming room for friends and family

If you have friends or family that enjoys gaming on a regular basis, consider setting up your gaming rig right there! By complementing colour schemes and gaming peripherals, who says that gaming rooms can have aesthetics that match with the rest of the house? Got an entire household of gamers? Gamers can appreciate a big screen in the living room to enjoy. Be creative and the sky's the limit.


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