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5 Daring Ideas To Explore When Living Solo

The biggest appeal of living alone? You can do pretty much anything you want with your home. From no one to disagreeing with your decisions, or force you to compromise, to the daring suggestions that would otherwise be questioned by others. So, for those of you who are dreaming of living it up solo in your own bachelor(ette) pad, here are 5 ways to take advantage of a home that’s yours, yours, and only yours!

1. Explore an open concept

Unless you foresee your family and friends staying over often, you don’t really need a separate private and communal area. So, if the layout permits, consider merging them both to create one seamless, open home! The lack of doors between the bedroom and living room encourages uninterrupted visual flow, resulting in a space that looks much bigger than it really is.

2. Merge rooms to accommodate a walk-in wardrobe

Be it superhero figurines, sneakers, or wine bottles, everyone has that one thing they love to collect. Clothes are no different. And in this case, you are free to show them off as much as possible. Most normal rooms in HDB context would have a difficult time to accommodate a walk-in wardrobe, but the option is there for you to merge rooms.

3. Or a separate room dedicated as a walk-in wardrobe

Why include them as part of your room when you can have a whole new room for a walk-in wardrobe? With living in a home with less people and more rooms, this is much more achievable and realistic when living solo.

4. Invest in a recreational room

Hobbies like gaming or playing instruments can take up a lot of space, so if you’ve got a spare room, turn it into a hobby room instead! Exercise equipment and yoga for the health enthusiasts would sound pretty appealing - saving you a trip to the gym.

5. Create an open bedroom

While they exude luxury and novelty, open bedrooms are often touted as ‘too daring’ or ‘lacking privacy’. But come on – what’s there to be shy about when you’re living alone in your bachelor/bachelorette pad?


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