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4 Ways to Create More Space in your HDB Kitchens

Whether you are a novice or a master chef, the last thing you'll want is a small & tiny kitchen to work with when whipping up your meals. Fortunately, there are a few uncommon ways to free up and technically increase the space of your kitchen. Our designers has compiled a list of ways just for you, read on!

1. Opting for a counter table for meals

Creating more space in an HDB flat kitchen doesn’t just entail making it roomier, it’s also about getting more functionality out of it with useful spaces. Having a peninsula built between the bounds of your kitchen is one way to accomplish this, regardless of whether you plan to use it as a prep island, breakfast counter or dining table.

Making this layout change of course requires the original exterior of your kitchen to be demolished, but if you’d like to maintain some degree of separation between the stove and the rest of the flat, you can add a set of sliding windows. When things get hot and steamy, keep these flexible fixtures shut, and once you’re done, open them up to air out your kitchen.

2. Have the entrance fully hacked away

It might leave your kitchen entirely exposed, but if you’d like your food prep areas to feel extra-spacious, doing away with the entryway and partition walls is the way to go. Hacking the entrance also gives you the space you need to build a longer L-shaped storage unit that’ll upgrade your kitchen’s storage capacity minus any worries about cramped walkways.

3. Combining your balcony and kitchen

Balconies in HDB flats are typically used for laundry and storage purposes, but if you’d like a more spacious kitchen, there’s the option of merging both home zones together. Naturally, this gets you the square footage necessary for longer counters and cabinets, but there’s the benefit of improving the visual flow between the balcony and kitchen as well.

4. Integrating kitchen with the rest of the house

Taking the design approach of splitting your kitchen can potentially reduce the space of the overall room. However, integrating the kitchen with the rest of the house works well for homes that want flexible spaces. Plus, it can also solve an awkward layout.

It’s worth mentioning as well that this layout change allows bulky appliances – specifically, refrigerators – to be placed in a convenient location while leaving enough room inside the wet area for free movement.


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