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4 Tips and Tricks For Walk-in Wardrobes

Its not a stretch to say that its is every girl’s dream to own a gorgeous walk-in wardrobe complete with wall-to-wall shelves, a shining chandelier and huge mirrors to admire her latest conquests in designer wear and high-street fashion. Dream no more, because walk-in wardrobes are no longer reserved for the wealthy and the elite. With just a spare bedroom, an unused storeroom or even just a little extra space in your home, you, too, can design and build a proper walk-in wardrobe at highly cost-effective prices. Here are some tips that can get you started on your personal walk-in wardrobe!

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1. Invest in a room for your apparel needs

If you have a large spare room, why not use it for a walk-in closet and for other activities if needed? If you live with your significant other, you may want to consider combine your wardrobes to make better use of the room together. Rather than just considering a cupboard and be done with it, there are many benefits to having a walk-in wardrobe. You can organise and arrange your barang barang the way you like, and gain access to them quickly without having to dig deep into an ordinary closet. Having a bigger space also allows you to ensure that your possessions, especially the branded stuff, are properly stored.

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2. Ensure a sufficient flow of space

An open concept walk-in wardrobe that is linked to your master bedroom can create a more fluid dynamics, with spaces flowing seamlessly into one another. By breaking the boundaries and visually opening up the areas, it merges the two into one fluid transition from one space to another while allowing you to optimise your floor space to its fullest potential.

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3. Don’t Neglect Your Footwear

A closet is for storage, so don’t forget to build shelves for accessories like jewellery, belts, suits, ties and sometimes, even your footwear. And what better way to show off your shoe collection than by using open shelving that doubles as a decor? For easier access and extra storage, consider installing double-depth storage with pull-out rolling hinges so that you can see everything when selecting the right pair of stilettos!

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4. Adding accent lights for the optimal experience

The lighting mood in your walk-in closet is also an essential consideration. Not only does the right lighting accurately gauge the colours of your clothes, but it also makes the users feel good while trying on clothes. Many walk-in wardrobes also include background lighting or spotlights to accentuate your limited edition clothing pieces or accessories. To enhance the design aesthetics, why not add a accent lights to give a glamorous feel?


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