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4 Inspirational Bathroom Designs with Bathtubs

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Gone are the days where bathtubs at home are non-existent, and the only time most of us will get to experience a bathtub are in hotels and staycations. Nowadays, its its much easier If you’re eager to have your very own bathtub in your own home! If you are looking to install your very own bathtub at the comfort of your home, read on!

1. White and Marble

The traditional and safe bathtub of choice, you can never go wrong with marble white. Covered in a white and marble design, the monochrome bathroom gives off the luxurious and clean vibe. A good addition to top it off would be some greenery at the sink, which goes well with the accent lights, creating a seamless look that looks oh-so-pleasing.

2. A White and Wood bathroom

If you enjoy the classical white and wood theme, this one’s for you. While the floors and walls are all covered with wood-printed tiles, it doesn’t look overwhelming thanks to the pearly white bathtub, sink, and toilet bowl acting as visual breaks. The overall combination produces the intended aesthetic of the perfect mix of brownish, homely feeling.

3. Bathtub with Concrete Fittings

Bathtubs can be the focal point of your bathroom, and if you want to draw even more attention to the area, consider fitting the surrounding in a different colour. The black fittings contrasts well against the white bathtub, adding a pop of colour to an otherwise-monochrome bathroom. If your bathroom is blessed with a huge shower area, consider sectioning off the area into two areas: one for a bathtub, and the other for a shower!

4. A luxe bathroom with a freestanding bathtub

The homeowner of this modern bathroom shows that it’s entirely possible to get a freestanding bathtub in a HDB flat! To go along with the porcelain tub and sink, the choice of white marble tiles for both the floor and walls creates a luxe vibe that you may just never want to leave.


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