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Your Spring Cleaning Guide for CNY 2021 Edition

Chinese new year is approaching, and according to many, cleaning the house makes room for new prospect and luck to arrive. However, as a average working adult in Singapore, keeping your house spick and span daily is nearly impossible.

Fret not, if you keep to our cleaning schedule, you'll be set for a clean house before CNY!

Do note that there is no strict rule to follow the timelines, as they only serve as a general guide. For example, if you have a cleaning robot device that does sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, you would essentially have checked 3 things off your list!

For most items, they are quite self-explanatory, hence, we'll like to bring your attention to the more unique items on the list.

Unclogging debris in your pipes

Regarding pipes, you should be checking for and removing any food debris. Make sure to dispose of any debris found on the kitchen sink sieve to prevent bacteria from growing on the kitchen pipes and sink itself.

Cleaning the stove, oven & microwave

Aside from the larger-sized items that fall on the kitchen stove while cooking, we usually miss the small stains or smudges caused while cooking food. These can cause bacteria growth on your kitchen counter, which may produce a foul stench within the kitchen. Do use a soap on a a wet cloth to thoroughly clean the stove and its surrounding areas.

Cleaning the air-conditioner and its filters

Unless you do not have any air-cons installed in your house (which is pretty rare case in a hot sunny island like Singapore), you will likely want to replace these filters once in a while as dust can build up within the filters really quickly in a couple of weeks.

With these tips, you will be all set for a clean house to welcome your guests with this Chinese new year!

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