Jan 19, 2021 2 min read

The Ultimate Moving-In Checklist

For most new home owners, getting a new home is exciting. However, it's not all fun and games when the actual moving-in process takes place. Don’t worry! We have compiled the ultimate comprehensive yet easy to digest checklist that you can track when moving.

1. Before moving in

A few months before the big-day, it would be helpful for you and your special other to stock up on packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrapping, plastic bags and masking tapes.

Do make arrangements to hire a professional home mover to transport your heavy furniture and other home belongings to your new home! At this time of writing, the labor situation in Singapore may be affected due to Covid-19 restrictions. Hence, you may want to schedule your moving needs another 1-2 weeks in advance.

Needless to say, you will want to clear your schedule as well as humbly request some time off from your close friends and families to assist you with the moving.

If your new place of residence is particularly a private condominium or estate, you may need clearance for your professional movers to do unloading. Having these cleared in advance will give you a peace of mind during the actual day itself.

As the day approaches, on the night before the big move, be sure to notify relevant parties of the change of your address. Ensure to pack the necessities such as water, medication that you will want to use have access to quickly without unpacking everything. Prepack and label all boxes, and the respective rooms the boxes belong to. Make plans for your meals for the next day as you will likely be spending a long amount of time unpacking and assembling furniture.

2. During moving in

On the big day itself, ensure to take preventive measures to protect your floor from scratches that may arise from moving furnitures and bulky boxes in. Sort boxes to their respective rooms and count that all boxes have been opened in a systematic order.

Next, if you have purchase new furniture (especially from IKEA), its time to assemble and build them. Give yourself ample space, away from glass and fragile items, when installing these furniture.

3. After moving in

Once everything is installed, be sure to throw out all mess together with the empty boxes used for transporting. Next, greet your neighbors and thank them for being patient with you and the noise that was generated when moving in. If you have, offer them a gift to show your gratitude. And thats it! Party with the friends and family that helped you on this day and celebrate the night away!

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