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Renovation During Covid - Things to Take Note

This article was written on February 2021, during the Phase 3 of circuit breaker carried out by the Singapore Government.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to at least 150 countries outside Asia and have confirmed more than 50,000,000 cases at this time of writing (Feb 2021). From a Singaporean's point of view, this impacts our jobs, travel plans and lives. But how exactly does it affect new homeowners trying to renovate and move-in in this dark times? We take a closer look and ask our customers, as well as our designers on this.

Interview with homeowner: Kelly

Kelly, a homeowner who recently had a whole-house renovation with us, shared her experience with us:

"I feel that me and my husband are one of the more fortunate families to have my renovations plans mostly undisturbed, and able to move in swiftly after with little to no problems. My designer, Ron, was very present throughout the whole process, alerting me to the possible delays and recommending me alternative choices quickly to avoid possible delays due to delivery problems faced in this lockdown".

What we can takeaway from Kelly's experience with us? Stocks and materials from overseas can be delayed in the case for custom furniture.

Interview with our designer: Sky

Sky, one of our senior interior designers, shares with us his insights and thoughts of renovating during the lockdown.

"I think its a very real issue when I heard one of my designer friends from another company, much of the manpower is limited during this time as there are some carpenters from Malaysia who cannot cross the border during this time. This ultimately reduces their manpower and delays the project timeline. While this may be unavoidable, what homeowners can do to protect themselves is to expect delays in the project during this period of time and give extra buffer time for a longer renovation period up to 2 to 4 weeks".

Sky highlights the cross-border limitations that will result in delays during the covid-19 pandemic.

Interview with our designer: Ron

"I think its important for homeowners, those especially who are planning to move out of their existing apartments, and into their new homes to have a backup plan. Do reach out to your existing landlords to try to ask for an extension if possible, or have a Plan B to move to another location should the renovation works take longer than expected."

In short, never put all your eggs in one basket. In these dark times, always have a backup plan, set lower expectations and more buffer time.

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