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“ We were extremely picky when it comes to choosing an ID firm to fully do up our raw BTO. All we wanted was a fuss-free renovation due to our busy work schedules. We had the opportunity to work with Ana/Hana from Dreamakers for our first home."

- Liana Zlkfl


“ A big thank you to Ana and Ron. During our site visit, we are able to get best advice from them as we do not know which part of the kitchen, room and living hall need to be rework. Given by suggestion and idea, we decided to rebuild the kitchen and room with slight renovation to the living hall. "

- Haiqal Ibrahim


“ We were impressed by the professionalism of Ron's from the first meet up. He is able to give suggestions and advices to ideas that were farfetched and ideas that are workable. In addition, he will give us more than 1 solution instead of insisting for us to do it his way. We heard so many horror stories of IDs and renovations but we were lucky to have him help us settle our nest. We did no supervison throughout the renovation period and only visited the house probably forthnightly. He is trustable and quality of work is good. "

- Angie Xie

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Dreamakers Interior Pte Ltd is a one-stop interior design firm in Singapore that builds and innovates home and commercial spaces. Make your dream space into a reality with:

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